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Thailand Rebolting Project
Help replace hundred of bolts in 2005

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Many bolts in Thailand need immediate replacement. Ever since Thailand was discovered as tropical sport climbing mecca, it has exploded in popularity with climbers worldwide as a premier winter climbing destination. Unfortunately, the mix of ocean air, minerals, and humidity creates a truly explosive corrosion rate which has dismayed climbers. Even the best stainless steel glue-in bolts simply snap off due to corrosion after a few years. Experts have summarized the situation here.

Bolts regularly break in Thailand
Some popular routes have had their bolts replaced 4 times in the past decade, and bolts still break on them! Older routes that have not been replaced are death traps. Fortunately, there appears to be a simple solution: titanium bolts. These bolts should not be affected by corrosion, and rebolters in Thailand have begun using titanium glue-in bolts made by Ushba.

Bolters in other tropical seaside areas around the world, seeing the unparalleled rate of corrosion in Thailand, have adopted titanium glue-in bolts as the standard bolt. Despite this, the vast majority of routes in the world-class climbing destinations in Thailand still have terrible bolts.

What needs to happen
Now comes the hard part: thousands of decaying steel bolts must be replaced by new titanium glue-in bolts.

Fortunately, many volunteers have stepped up to this problem by offering their time and expertise. Now we need to raise the money to the buy the bolts. Stainless steel bolts are expensive - but titanium bolts are far more expensive yet. An organized international effort by climbers to fund the replacement is needed.

How to Contribute
We need YOUR help! This project can only happen with the generous donation of climbers.

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If you wish to write a check, mail it to:
ASCA – Thailand Rebolting
PO Box 3691
Boulder, CO 80307

Who replaces the bolts?
The rebolting will be done by locals and experienced rebolters from around the globe. Most rebolters have years of experience volunteering their efforts in Thailand

How is the American Safe Climbing Assn involved
The finances and project administration will be led by the American Safe Climbing Association, a grassroots non-profit with 8 years rebolting
experience. The ASCA has replaced over 4000 bolts and has earned a reputation for sound and effective financial administration. The ASCA is just here to process the donations and give tax-deductible status to U.S donors. No American Safe Climbing Association funds will be used for this Thailand Project unless specifically earmarked either in writing or by using the "Make a Donation" button above.

What areas will receive new bolts?
In 2005 we hope to replace 300 bolts at the most popular climbs at Tonsai Beach and Railae beach. We will start with the routes that receive the most traffic and go from there.

More Questions?
Just email Chris McNamara at

Thank you:
Liberty Mountain Sports, the exclusive distributor for Ushba Mountain Works titanium climbing gear, for helping with the bolts. Sam Lightner for his ongoing support of Thailand rebolting at many levels.