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Owens River Gorge  
Owens River Gorge
Local climbers, organized under CRAG, have maintained anchors at the Owens River Gorge for years. Owens is home to a fine volcanic dust, which, once on your rope, chews through steel very rapidly. Funded by YOUR donations to the jars at Wilson's & the Rubber Room, and tax-deductible donations to the ASCA, CRAG and the ASCA have teamed up for recent anchor work in the Gorge. Thanks to the backbone of CRAG: Nan & Tony Puppo/The Rubber Room, and James Wilson/Wilson's Eastside Sports. Anchor replacement is also funded by Marty Lewis through his guidebook sales, and by the donation jar at Mammoth Mountaineering Supply.
All You Can Eat Area
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Cinderella   10/01 ASCA
Step Right Up   10/01 ASCA
Crotalulsley Challenged   10/01 ASCA
Dilithium Crystal
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Impulse Power aka Trouble with Tribbles   04/02 ASCA
Liquid Fire   04/02 ASCA
Eldorado Roof
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Loony Binge Replaced 3rd protection bolt. 03/03 ASCA
Faulty Tower
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Double Take   05/02 ASCA
Flavin Haven
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Nice Jugs   05/02 ASCA
Great Wall of China
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Beijing Replaced three 1/4" protection bolts. 10/01 ASCA
Child Of Light   10/01 ASCA
China Doll   10/01 ASCA
Enter The Dragon   10/01 ASCA
Fortune Cookie   10/01 ASCA
Ghengis Kahn   10/01 ASCA
Heart Of The Sun   10/01 ASCA
Mandarin Orange   10/01 ASCA
Marco Polo's Boys Go Dirty Dancing   05/02 ASCA
Peking Duck   10/01 ASCA
Tiannamen Square   10/01 ASCA
Tsing Tao   10/01 ASCA
Yellow Peril   10/01 ASCA
Gorgeous Towers
Route Notes Date Thanks to
The-Aretical   05/02 ASCA
C'mon Knucko   10/01 ASCA
Giveaway   12/00 ASCA
Gorge and Purge   10/01 ASCA
Gorge Corner/Cat in the Hat   05/02 ASCA
Gorgeous   10/01 ASCA
It's the Gaazzz/Hey Amigo   05/02 ASCA

Knucko's Pride of the North
  05/02 ASCA
Pippy The Zenhead   12/01 ASCA
High Tension Area
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Brothers in Arms   05/02 ASCA
Negress/Warm-Up Wall
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Ambassadors of Funk pitch 1   10/01 ASCA
Babushka   10/01 ASCA
Clip Jr.   10/01 ASCA
Crowd Pleaser   10/01 ASCA
Fear of a Black Planet   10/01 ASCA
High Seas Replaced the bolt with the hanger that wore to a knife-edge due to years of rope wear. Bolt moved 6" left to prevent future repeat. 10/01,
Humbly, Mumbly, Jumbly   10/01 ASCA
Imprisoned Behind Lies   05/02 ASCA
Sweet & Sour   10/01 ASCA
Welcome To The Gorge   10/01 ASCA
Powerhouse Wall
Route Notes Date Thanks to
If I Told You I'd Have to Kill You   09/02 ASCA
Valley   09/02 ASCA
Pub Area:
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Abitarot   11/01 ASCA
Gary Grey   09/02 ASCA
Hardly Wallbanger   05/02 ASCA
Homebrew   05/02 ASCA
Riverside Island
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Me So Horny Replaced all bolts. 04/03 ASCA
Noble Mouse/King Rat   05/02 ASCA
Ratso (pitch 1) note: pitch 2 uses good anchor on Old & In The Way 05/02 ASCA
Skin Tight Replaced all bolts except one at anchor 04/03 ASCA
Social Platform
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Nirvana   11/01 ASCA
Orange Peel   09/02 ASCA
Staying Power Towers
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Bender   05/02 ASCA
Blood Sugar Sex Magik   05/02 ASCA
Don't Make Me Laugh   05/02 ASCA
Insane in the Membrane   05/02 ASCA
Members Only (pitch 1)   05/02 ASCA
Upper Elbow Room
Route Notes Date Thanks to
For Patricia/Frank   05/02 ASCA
Post Partem/Induced Labor   05/02 ASCA
Sparky the Drillhead   05/02 ASCA
Stella   05/02 ASCA
Warning Signs Area
Route Notes Date Thanks to
Pg-13   09/02 ASCA
Warning Signs   09/02 ASCA