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Parker Bluff  
Parker Bluff
Route Notes Date Thanks to
King of Pain Replaced all bolts. Note - the belay on this route used to be a multi-bolt anchor part way up the main Ukiah pitch. This belay was removed. To belay on KOP now, you must either go down to the previous bolt on Ukiah, or go up to the 1st bolt on p2 of KOP (both of these are 1/2" bolts) in order to have a 2 bolt belay. This is a minor inconvenience for KOP, but the original route - Ukiah - is restored to its formerly unambiguous state. 05/11 Jonny Woodward
Race With The Devil Replaced all bolts on pitch 2. 05/11 Jonny Woodward
Ukiah Replaced all bolts, except anchor which was already 3/8". 05/11 Jonny Woodward