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Conservation & the Environment

In no particular order, here are some organizations we feel are very important in the fight to maintain the Wilderness and our environment, and thereby our opportunity to preserve and enjoy the great outdoors. All of these groups need your help!

The Access Fund
The Access Fund Needs no introduction – the Access Fund represents climbers in all issues regarding access and conservation. If you’re not already a member, join! If you’re already a member, come help out on volunteer days or in writing letters. Bookmark their site and visit often to keep up-to-date!

Center for Biological Diversity
The CBD uses lawsuits as a tool to force land managers to follow their own rules. Since they often don't, the CBD has been highly effective in forcing sweeping environmental protection by management agencies. Formerly called the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity. The fact that citizens have to band together to sue the government to follow its own rules is sad, but it works.

Wilderness Watch
Wilderness Watch, like the CBD, has forced land managers to follow the rules, in particular the Wilderness Act itself, through actions including lawsuits. Wilderness Watch is dedicated to strongly defending Wilderness against encroachments. They have taken anti-fixed anchor positions in the past, but that should not overshadow their critical support for Wilderness against abuse by motorized recreation, huge pack outfits, land managers, and others. They are always looking for dedicated outdoors people to diligently monitor particular Wilderness areas, since defenders of our wild places must know what is going on in on the ground!

Nature Conservancy
While land protection is usually best done by activism and legislation, that only works for public land - sometimes you just have to go buy it. The Nature Conservancy buys key tracts of land to preserve biodiversity. The Access Fund cooperated with the Nature Conservancy to buy much of the open space ranchland in Indian Creek, Utah.

Union of Concerned Scientists
UCS doesn't just collect and analyze the data on environmental changes, pollution, etc, it offers the opportunity to intelligently act to reduce impact. Find out about everything from invasive species to logging to global warming at their website, and join to help out.