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The articles below deal with a variety of issues concerning bolting and bolt replacement.
Bolts - Bomber or Time Bombs
Todd J. Vogel
How to Rebolt
Chris McNamara, ASCA President
Removing Rawl 5-piece bolts
Greg Barnes, ASCA Director
The Rebolting Clinic
Greg Barnes, ASCA Director
Mechanical Bolts - The Nuts and Bolts
Duane Raleigh
Adhesive Bolts - Sticky Business
Duane Raleigh
Adhesive Anchor Setting Recommendations
Duane Raleigh
Dangerous Bolts - Bolts to Avoid
Duane Raleigh
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Warnings about Sea Cliff Bolts
John Byrnes, Skip Harper and Mike Shelton
Soft Sandstone Bolt Testing in South Africa
Alan Jarvis and Joffrey Hymen
Updated Warning from Hilti, April 2002
forwarded by Jim Bowes of Ushba Mountain Works
Reducing the Visual Impact of Bolt hangers
Reese Martin
The Fish Products web site
Russ Walling has a good discussion of bolt strengths and placement techniques. Russ would be happy to sell you gear, as well.