Make a tax-deductible donation with your Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal account:
12/3/15 Metolius donates 500 bolt hangers!
7/10/15 Thailand rebolting continues!
3/1/15 Big rebolting day at the Obed
2/1/15 Petzl Donates Drills
10/1/12 October 9 Planet Granite Fundraiser w/ Match from Planet Granite
2/26/12 Rock Rendezvous climbing club donation
3/25/11 Planet Granite to Match All Donations from April 15-30
11/16/10 Petzl donates 200 hangers
6/25/10 Mountain Gear Red Rock Rendezvous 2010 donation
3/1/10 SCMA donation
2/26/10 Bluewater makes a big donation
2/1/10 Petzl donates drills, harnesses
10/26/09 MountainProject donation
7/01/09 Mountain Gear donates from Red Rock Rendezvous '09
5/19/09 ASCA Climb-a-thon at Planet Granite June 27th & July 18th
5/12/09 Smith Rocks guidebook supplement
3/18/09 Petzl donates hangers
8/4/08 Salt Lake Climbers Alliance makes major donation
3//27/08 Mammoth Mountaineering Supply donates hangers
2/19/08 Red Rocks guidebook offer
2/8/08 Metolius donates bolt hangers
2/4/08 Black Diamond donation
12/14/07 Renob Climbing donates bolts
12/3/07 Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donation
11/1/07 Petzl donates 100 hangers
10/25/07 Bluewater donates more ropes
3/7/07 BlueWater donates ropes & more
12/29/06 Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donation
12/27/06 Black Diamond donates pitons
12/13/06 JustRopes donates two more ropes
9/4/06 Petzl donates two harnesses
4/25/06 BlueWater donates ropes
4/22/06 Petzl donates harness and bolt hangers
3/26/06 Red Rock Rendezvous a success!
3/20/06 Touchstone donation
3/1/06 Major SSCA donation
3/1/06 Cilogear donates two packs
2/8/06 Red Rocks Rendezvous
12/3/05 donates more ropes
11/10/05 SCMA donates to ASCA
2/18/05 Petzl supports ASCA
10/10/04 Metolius continues ASCA support
10/4/04 Southern Sierra Climbers support ASCA
9/2/04 Big thanks to Acer and CDW
8/27/04 Hans Florine slideshow at Mammoth Mountaineering Supply
9/2/04 donates ropes
8/3/04 Tommy and Beth Raise Money For ASCA
5/15/04 Hans Florine on-line auction, ends June 23!
4/19/04 Omega Pacific Donates Gear
4/12/04 Petzl Donates Gear


Metolius donates 500 bolt hangers!

Metolius, fresh off of their large donation of gear for the October ASCA fundraiser, has donated 500 hangers to the ASCA! Most of them are camouflaged hangers perfect for reducing the visual impact of fixed hardware. Huge thanks to Metolius!


Thailand rebolting continues!

Once again the ASCA has supplied Thaitanium Project volunteers with hundreds of titanium glue-in bolts plus multipitch rigging gear - and now titanium rap rings - for replacement in the predominantly American-developed climbing routes in southern Thailand. This year 230 bolts were replaced, bringing the total replaced over the past 10+ years with ASCA support to 2,553 bolts. Volunteers are nearing complete replacement of most climbing routes with titanium glue-ins in this amazing climbing area, infamous for very rapid stainless steel bolt failures due to Stress Corrosion Cracking.


Big rebolting day at the Obed

The East Tennessee Climbing Coalition organized another replacement day, bringing the total replaced with ASCA hardware support to 161 bolts in the last year!


Petzl Donates Drills

Petzl continued their years-long support of the ASCA with the donation of 6 Rocpec hand drills, which are actively being used for replacement in Wilderness areas within National Parks in Colorado, Utah, and California. Thanks Petzl!


October 9 Fundraiser with Tommy Caldwell - Donations Matched by Planet Granite

On October 9 in San Francisco, Planet Granite has pledged to match up to $20,000 of raised funds for the American Safe Climbing Association! The same week, there will be a large online outdoor gear auctions! Learn More and check out the Facebook Event Page


Rock Rendezvous climbing club donation

Rock Rendezvous, a climbing club in the San Francisco Bay Area, donated $500 to the ASCA to help out with bolt replacement. A huge thanks to the members of Rock Rendezvous!



Planet Granite to Match All Donations from April 15-30

Between April 15th and 30th, Planet Granite has pledged to match up to $10,000 of funds raised for the American Safe Climbing Association – this means your $1 will become $2! The ASCA is responsible for much of the rebolting projects that have occurred in the West and have even contributed as far east as Thailand! Largely volunteer-run organization, the ASCA depends entirely on donations to purchase bolts. Read more or RSVP to the event


Petzl donates 200 hangers

A big thanks to Petzl for their donation of 200 hangers! Petzl has strongly supported the ASCA for many years, and this donation comes at a perfect time. Fifty of the hangers will immediately be shipped out for bolt replacement in Joshua Tree National Park, and the remaining will go to replacement as needed. Thanks again to Petzl and Dave Haavik!

Mountain Gear Red Rock Rendezvous 2010 donation

Once again Mountain Gear has come through with a big donation in support of bolt replacement at Red Rocks! Mountain Gear's donation of $1,500 is already helping replace bolts at ultra-popular crags like The Black Corridor. Plan ahead for next year's Red Rock Rendezvous - March 18-20th, 2011!

SCMA donation

The Southern California Mountaineers Association donated $400 to the ASCA. Learn more about the SCMA and their many climbing excursions at their website,

Bluewater makes a big donation

Bluewater ropes continues their long-time support of bolt replacement in the US with the donation of two spools - over 1200 feet! - of 11mm static rope! Bluewater static ropes are in use by rebolters from Yosemite to Smith to Moab, and these new ropes are already headed for rebolting projects in Utah and Yosemite!

Petzl donates drills, harnesses

Petzl continues their longtime support of the ASCA with the donation of two Calidris big wall harnesses and two Rocpec hand drills. Thanks again to Petzl for all their support for keeping bolts and anchors safe!

MountainProject donation

MountainProject donated $3,000 to the ASCA! This major donation will fund the replacement of a whole lot of bolts all over the country. A big thanks to the Mountain Project crew!

Mountain Gear donates from Red Rock Rendezvous '09

Even though the ASCA didn't make it down to the RRR '09 (first time we missed it), Mountain Gear continued its strong support of bolt replacement in Red Rocks by a big donation from the auction proceeds - $1,292.42! The next Red Rock Rendezvous is March 19-21, 2010 - plan ahead!

ASCA Climb-a-thon at Planet Granite June 27th & July 18th

Planet Granite climbing gyms have created a great Climb-a-thon for raising money for the ASCA, and they will MATCH up to $10,000 in donations! There will be two dates - June 27th at Planet Granite in San Francisco, and July 18th at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. BBQ, beer, prizes, etc! For more info, click here.
A big thanks to Planet Granite for making this happen!

Smith Rocks guidebook supplement

Sales of a new 2009 Smith Rocks guidebook supplement by Rod Jacobson are raising lots of money for ASCA-supported bolt replacement at Smith Rocks. The supplement is sold locally near Bend, and has already produced $500 for replacement hardware for Smith! For more info, click here to see the PDF.

Petzl donates hangers

Petzl donated 200 hangers to the ASCA for bolt replacement. A big thanks to Dave Haavik and Petzl for helping make our crags safer!

Salt Lake Climbers Alliance makes major donation

The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance donated $1,125 to the ASCA. This very large contribution will help the ASCA with bolt replacement in Utah, including Little Cottonwood Canyon. A huge thanks to the SLCA folks, and to Salt Lake local Mike White, who has put immense amounts of work into replacing bolts in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Zion, the Moab area, and Red Rocks, Nevada.

Mammoth Mountaineering Supply donates hangers

Mammoth Mountaineering Supply donated 100 bolt hangers to the ASCA, and they will go to bolt replacement in the Mammoth area. Thanks to MMS and Dave Talsky!

Red Rocks guidebook offer

Donate $40 towards bolt replacement in Red Rocks, and get a copy of the reprinted original Red Rocks guidebook, The Red Rocks of Southern Nevada, by Joanne Urioste (1984). A pocket-size guidebook with outstanding written descriptions and photographs, this is a great guide to many classics and plenty of obscure routes deep in the canyons. Detailed pitch-by-pitch beta for most routes, and of course since Joanne and her husband George established a huge number of the classic routes, the beta is excellent! The ASCA has replaced over 600 bolts in Red Rocks, more than 3/4 of which were on Urioste routes. Still, plenty of old bolts remain, and your donation will go towards bolt replacement in Red Rocks!

If donating by check, write "Red Rocks offer" in the memo line; if donating by Paypal (link at top of this page), also send an e-mail to

Metolius donates bolt hangers

Metolius donated 90 bolt hangers to the ASCA, continuing their long support of ASCA bolt replacement. Thanks Metolius!

Black Diamond donation

Black Diamond donated 35 #3 Lost Arrow pitons, a retail value
of over $550! The ASCA mills out #3 Lost Arrow pitons to make tuning forks,
which are the essential tool in cleanly removing old 1/4" bolts so that the
original holes can be reused. The ASCA has replaced over 6300 bolts to date,
most of which were 1/4" bolts pulled with the help of tuning forks that were
donated by Black Diamond!

Renob Climbing donates bolts

Braxton Norwood of Renob Climbing donated a box of 50 Hilti 316 stainless steel Kwik-bolts to the ASCA, a retail value of $209.

Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donation

Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS again donated $250 to the ASCA. Please visit his site at

Petzl donates 100 hangers

Once again, Petzl has donated gear to the ASCA, this time another 100 of their Coeur hangers. Thanks to Dave Haavik and Petzl for their longterm support!

Bluewater donates more ropes

Bluewater donated more static ropes to the ASCA, in addition to their recent donation of static ropes, webbing, and cord. A big thanks to the cool folks at Bluewater!

BlueWater donates ropes & more

BlueWater continued their long support of the ASCA with the donation of 4
ropes (including a top-of-the-line 9.4 x 70m Dominator!), two spools of
webbing, and a spool of accessory cord. Thanks again to the great folks at

Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donation

Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donated $250 to the ASCA. Please visit his site at

Black Diamond dontes pitons

Black Diamond donated an additional 10 #3 Lost Arrow pitons, which the ASCA mills into tuning forks for bolt removal. Thanks to BD for their continued support!

JustRopes donates two more ropes

Two sturdy lead lines were donated by for ASCA anchor replacement work. Thanks to James Cullem and for their continued support!

Petzl donates two harnesses

Petzl continues its support of the ASCA with the donation of two Calidris
harnesses. Thanks again to Dave Haavik and the Petzl team!

BlueWater donates ropes

BlueWater has once again supported the rebolting work of ASCA volunteers,
this time with the donation of an entire spool of static rope! This beefy
static line will be used for tons of replacement work. Thanks again to

Petzl donates harness and bolt hangers

Petzl continues its support of the ASCA with the donation of 100 Couer
hangers and a Petzl Calidris harness. A big thanks to the great folks at

Red Rock Rendezvous a success!

The Mountain Gear-hosted Red Rock Rendezvous drew huge crowds to a
fast-growing climber party, with clinics given by a who's-who list of top
climbers. Timmy O'Neill ran another hilarious show and auction, plenty of
climbers stopped by the ASCA booth and donated, and a good time was had by
all! Special thanks to Mountain Gear, to Bluewater for donating half of
their raffle proceeds, to Omega Pacific for donating the sale of a couple of
their Link Cams, and to all the climbers who came from around the world to
the sunny cliffs of Red Rocks!

Touchstone donation

The longtime support of Touchstone Climbing gyms (Mission Cliffs, Ironworks,
Class 5, Pipeworks, Touchstone Concord, Touchstone San Jose) has been
instrumental to the ASCA, from hosting major fundraisers to donations jars
and direct donations. Once again Touchstone has given major support to the
ASCA, with a direct donation of $1,000. Thanks!!!

Major SSCA donation

The Southern Sierra Climbers Association (SSCA) donated $500 to the ASCA, continuing their support for bolt replacement. The southern Sierra is chock full of some of the best granite climbing on the planet, with more major formations than climbers. Unfortunately, it's also chock full of old bad bolts! The SSCA and its members have been replacing bad bolts for years, with help from the ASCA in recent years. We look forward to continuing needed anchor maintenance in the Needles and all throughout the rest of the southern Sierra.

Cilogear donates two packs

New pack manufacturer Cilogear donated two of its 60L Workpacks to the ASCA. These lightweight packs are highly versatile with many possible configurations, and are easily converted from huge to small and back again, perfect for ASCA rebolting where huge loads (multiple ropes and lots of gear) must be carried one-way, then small loads the other. See more at the Cilogear website.

Red Rocks Rendezvous 2006

Sign up now for the 2006 Red Rock Rendezvous, March 24-26. Clinics with famous climbers, fun in the sun, beautiful scenery and great rock - register now so you can get your first-choice clinics! Lots of info and the registration beta here. donates more ropes continued their support of the ASCA with the donation of two
tough 60m ropes, an Edelrid 10.3mm Sky Pilot and a Maxim 10.5mm G60.

SCMA donates to ASCA

The Southern California Mountaineers Association donated $500 to the ASCA to
assist in bolt replacement. The SCMA is one of the oldest climbing groups in
the nation, having evolved from the rock climbing section of the Sierra
Club. The ASCA has assisted with replacement work at areas such as
Tahquitz/Suicide, Joshua Tree, the Needles and other southern Sierra areas
popular with the SCMA for outings. To find out more about the SCMA, visit the SSMA website.


Petzl Supports ASCA

Petzl Petzl donated two Rocpec hand drills and a Calidris harness to ASCA rebolting efforts. The harness and the lightweight Rocpec hand drills will see tons of replacement action in Wilderness from California to Utah to Colorado.


Metolius continues ASCA support

Metolius donated 75 hangers and a haulbag towards ASCA bolt replacement work. Metolius has been a strong supporter of anchor maintenance for years, and not only donates to the ASCA, but directly to local replacement projects in such areas as City of Rocks. Please support them!


Southern Sierra Climbers support ASCA

The Southern Sierra Climbers Association (SSCA) donated $500 to the ASCA, continuing the strong alliance between the two organizations. The Southern Sierra is known for its bold, runout face routes and testpiece cracks, and there's nowhere you'd rather have a good bolt than after a long runout! In the past several years, the ASCA has supported SSCA bolt replacement in many areas including Tollhouse Rock, Courtright Reservoir, the Needles, Dome Rock, Kern River Canyon, Great Falls Basin, and others.


Big thanks to Acer and CDW

Drew Klos of CDW coordinated a big donation of computer hardware & software to the ASCA. The donation includes a new desktop computer from Acer, a new external LaCie hard drive, and software from Microsoft, McAfee, and Scansoft. Thanks to Drew, and also Pat Barrett of Acer for arranging the computer donation!


Hans Florine slideshow at
Mammoth Mountaineering Supply

Over 100 people packed Mammoth Mountaineering Supply for a great double-feature slideshow from Hans Florine. Dave Talsky and MMS threw a fun party with beer & barbeque. For the raffle, Hans threw in some Nike prototype shoes & a pack, and MMS threw in some killer raffle prizes like a Mammut Revelation rope, a Gigapower stove, and a titanium pot set. Yates also donated a pile of Screamers, shorty Screamers, and Zippers - all load-limiting devices originally designed in 1985 for use on old 1/4" bolts! Nearly $500 was raised for the ASCA, which will support bolt and anchor replacement in many crags near Mammoth including Clark Canyon, Pine Creek, and Tuolumne! Please support Hans & his fundraising efforts by scheduling a slideshow. donates ropes

New climbing startup has donated a Maxim dynamic and Esprit static line to the ASCA for bolt replacement work! Two more ropes are on the way later in the year. Check out this new distributor of climbing ropes HERE


Tommy and Beth Raise Money For ASCA

Tommy Caldwell and Beth Rodden recently visited Tahoe with a multi-media event that was well-prepared -- and covered everything including: them meeting; climbing; first dates in portaledge; Kyrgistan; and Tommy's (lack of) a finger. The show was followed by a question/answer session where Todd Offenbacher had questions like: "How was it -- taking a steamy shit in front of each other during those first dates in a portaledge"? And: "If i can arrange a death-match on El Cap Tower with you and Beth against Alex and Thomas Huber -- will you attend"? The timing of the events fell on the longest days of the year, and as a result were under-attended but well-received. Tommy and Beth are two of the most down-to-earth and fun people I have met in a long time. It was a pleasure to spend time with them both.

The event raised almost $300 for the ASCA.

- Todd Offenbacher


Hans Florine on-line auction, ends June 23!

Hans is holding an on-line auction of a jacket and prototype sticky rubber approach shoes that will never be available anywhere else; you have until June 23rd!
Click here to see the auction.


Omega Pacific Donates Gear

Omega Pacific continues their support of the ASCA through the donation of two hammers (plus funkness cables), 10 big Jake lockers, and 40 of their new wire-gate Five-O carabiners. A big thanks to Omega Pacific for their ongoing support of ASCA bolt replacement activities!


Petzl Donates Gear

Petzl continues their strong support of the ASCA with the donation of a
Rocpec hand drill, a Calidris harness, and a Gri-gri. These are all
essential for ASCA bolt replacement activities, and will be used by ASCA
rebolters for years to come. Thank you, David Haavik and Petzl!


Hans Florine slideshow/AAC Cascade Section donation

On April 8th, at the University of Washington, another of Hans Florine's
popular speed climbing slide shows raised $160 for the ASCA. Hans, in
cooperation with the American Alpine Club's Cascade Section and the Climbing
Club at the University of Washington, donated half the proceeds to the ASCA
and half to the Access Fund.

For information on the Cascade Section of the AAC, click here.
For information on slide shows from Hans, click here.


BlueWater Donates Ropes

BlueWater continued their longtime support of the ASCA with the major
donation of six 10.5mm lead ropes: two 70m ropes, three 60m ropes, and a 55m rope. ASCA rebolters chew through ropes, and this donation is a huge help in bolt replacement efforts!

Yates Donates Harness

Yates donated a custom-made Astroman harness with hammer holster for ASCA rebolting. Yates has been a strong supporter of the ASCA, and Yates
Screamers (and the new Zippers) were designed to lessen the chance of 1/4" bolts blowing in a fall (designed in 1985, yet many of those scary bolts are
still here - and even more rusted - in 2004!)

Red Rock Rendezvous Benefits The ASCA And
Access Fund

The Red Rock Rendezvous went off! The event featured friendly folks, bright skies, summer temps, beautiful venue, live music, great food, free beer, vendor booths with all the latest gear, climbing clinics & slide shows with the pros, lots of free gear give-aways and rockin live and silent auctions. Organizer Paul Fish, owner of Mountain Gear, has vowed to make this an annual event so mark your calendar now. The party started Friday night with everyone gathering on the event's lush lawn for beer-tasting and a slideshow by Mark Synott. Saturday was all sunscreen and beautiful climbing by day, great food, fun dyno comp, stellar Peter Croft slide show, live/silent auctions, live music, and more beer tasting by nght. The perfect panacea for the winter rockclimbing jones.

This event raised some serious cash and awareness for both the ASCA and Access Fund.

Thanks to all the sponsors:
Mountian Gear, 5.10, La Sporiva, Metolius, Petzl, Asana, Black Diamond, Blue Water, Mammut, Montrail, Mad Rock, The North Face, Fat Tire, Phoenix Boulder Blast, Baja Fresh, New Belgium Brewery, Rock & Ice and KPS

Featured ASCA Supporter: Mike Ousley

Mike Ousley is possibly the wittiest man alive. An avid climber with over twenty years experience, Mike recently honeymooned on Yosemite's El Capitan by spending 17 days climbing the Muir Wall--with his wife! His hilarious write-up of that adventure, "Honey--pass the &#$*-bag" can make any lover cry. Mike stepped forward in the formative years of the ASCA as Master Designer and has been a regular contributor--both as a rebolter and as operational support ever since. Mike's favorite cimbing areas are Yosemite Valley, Tuolomne, Tahquitz, Ca; Granite Mountain, Paradise Fork, Pinnacle Peak, Az; Cathedral Ledge, NH; Gunks, NY. He owns Ousley Creative ( and is currently thinking up his next adventure--to celebrate he and his wife's two year anniversary! Mike recently designed a new ASCA logo. Check out Mike's work on our new t-shirts and stickers. We asked Mike,

Q. "Why did you become involved with the ASCA?"

A. "I wanted to give back to climbing a token of the fulfillment it's given to
me. A lot of effort went into establishing our classic climbs; I think we
should demonstrate goodwill by selflessly maintaining those routes both as
historic markers and adventure challenges. I'm not able to get on the rock
and work on routes as much as I'd like, so I donate what resources [graphic design/marketing] are most practical for me."

Thank You Fixe

Kevin Daniels from Fixe has been a pivotal supporter of the ASCA from day one. Because of the non-profit, community nature of the ASCA, Kevin pursuaded Fixe not only to manufacture hangers with ASCA stamped on them--he also insisted that they sell them (as well as Fixe's high quality stainless steel bolts) to us below wholesale!! Without a doubt, the motivated rebolters of the ASCA would not have been able to stretch our modest resources as far as we have without the generous support from key industry professionals such as Kevin Daniels and companies like Fixe . Thank You!

Two Blondes Raise Money For ASCA

In November, Hans Florine and Steve Schneider hosted a (second annual) slideshow/party at their local bay area climbing gym—Ironworks in Berkeley, Ca. Laughs, ribaldry and keg beer flowed like the cool breeze off the bay and before the night was over Schneider and Florine had collected over $200 in ASCA donations—mostly from unsuspecting partiers who had become separated from their jackets/wallets during the festivities.


Mammoth Mountaineering Supply Donates Jumars

Mammoth Mountaineering Supply donated a pair of jumars to the ASCA in July,
and they have already seen a lot of use in the replacement of old bolts on
Tuolumne routes such as Dale Bard's 1976 classic Scorpion. Thanks again to
Dave Talsky and MMS!